More and more organisations are choosing to keep ahead of the game with Lanes' pre-planned drainage maintenance programme. It means that your drains get cleaned and checked out regularly, so that any issues can be resolved before they turn into major problems. You tell us how, what, when and where you'd like us to work - and we just get on with it.

Blasting away the debris blocking your drain
In some instances a standard drain clearance will not shift the problem, we can provide a high pressured water jet service that truly eliminates the problem from your system.

  • Produces a cleaner system

  • Allows your water system to flow effectively

  • Reduces overall time spent on blockage

  • Cost-effective in the long term

  • Leaves a fresher odour

  • Provides you with peace of mind

High pressure water jetting benefits
You can expect your pipework to be left in a free flowing condition thanks to the high tech equipment we use for all high pressure water jetting. Using this equipment allows us to de-scale a wide variety of pipe sizes, restore the full bore of the pipework, so that you can be rest assured that the blockage is gone.

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