STOP don’t go to the expense of installing a new driveway before you have considered our tarmac refurbishment service at a fraction of the cost of installing new.

The benefit of the treatments using various sealants offered for paved surfaces has been dealt with in detail in the previous section, but other surfaces also lose their original texture and colour such as tarmac.

In the case of tarmac surfaces it is possible to not only just pressure wash these surfaces to clean them, but also to treat them with a restoring agent. In the photograph sequence shown above, it is seen how a cleaned tarmac driveway can be brought back to nearly new condition, without the expense of relaying it with fresh tarmac. Back 2 Black from Seal a Block is an asphalt emulsion (water based) environmentally friendly sealer designed to make tarmac driveway’s and surfaces look as good as new by restoring their colour at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and is very easy to apply.

A range of colours are available for the tarmac renovation so customers can choose which their preference is. The examples shown above are of the black most frequently used form of tarmac. To achieve an excellent result we carry out minor repairs before applying the renovator. Over time through wear and tear the tarmac surfaces can tend to break up a little. With our winter climate in the UK the freeze thaw cycle damages the binding agent, allowing the aggregate to break away and create small holes and craters. Hover over the picture sequence at the top of this page to see how such a defect has been repaired to ensure that an overall even surface is obtained after the renovator is applied. The renovation process is varied to suit the application and examples are shown in the following pictures and in the gallery.

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