PRO PRESSURE CLEAN Services recognize that it’s good to arrive for the weekend knowing that you will find your yacht gleaming so that you can enjoy using, rather than cleaning her. Also, that after a cruise or weekend aboard, you may prefer to leave us to pump the bilges, wash the bright work or even do the washing up!

PRO PRESSURE CLEAN Services offer a comprehensive range of yacht cleaning options, whether you are a berth holder requiring a regular cleaning programme or a visitor wanting a one-off exterior wash-off, polish or interior yacht valet.

Full interior and exterior yacht cleaning services
With your vessel left in some of the harshest of conditions, regular cleaning of your vessel is an important aspect of maintaining your boat. We offer:

  • Interior and exterior cleaning

  • Hull compound and polishing

  • Stainless steel cleaning

  • Specialist teak deck cleaning

We can set up programmes to suit your needs and budget or we can simply offer a service when you require.

Exterior cleans include

  1. Stainless steel and window chamois

  2. A detailed wash of the hull, deck and superstructure to remove all possible marks

We can also offer:

  • Specialised teak deck cleaning

  • Hull and superstructure compound and polishing

  • Stainless steel polishing

Interior cleaning includes

  1. Vacuuming throughout

  2. Detailed cleaning of cupboards & locker spaces

  3. Deep clean of galley & bathroom areas

  4. Windows & timber polish

Benefits are numerous
Boats sit in the harshest of environments, pollution, weather, wildlife all take their toll. The condition of any boat and its equipment deteriorates if left, salt and pollution will slowly affect the mechanics of your boat and condition of your gel coat, teak and canvas. Regular yacht cleaning will:

  • Improve the enjoyment of your boat during your ownership

  • Significantly improve her overall long term condition

  • Increase her value when it comes time to sell

  • Increase the reliability of the on board equipment

  • Reduce overall maintenance costs

Sailing should not be about cleaning your boat at the beginning and end of an enjoyable weekend!

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